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The Taxi Booking App

Australia’s first intuitive Taxi booking app, mTAXI originated on the iPhone and has allowed Taxi passengers to book conveniently on their smart phone since 2009. We’ve listened and learned from our users over the years to deliver the next generation of Taxi booking smarts. This app will allow you to place Taxi bookings directly from your iPhone or Android mobile within Sydney Metropolitan and Newcastle.

Enjoy these added features:

  • Find myTAXI - Track your taxi on a map
  • Refreshed intuitive booking interface
  • Store Favourites locations and Recent bookings
  • Find a Taxi rank
  • Book from a Point of Interest

mTAXI continues to value user feedback and new features are constantly being developed. However please understand this application will only place the booking for you and can not guarantee the arrival of a Taxi. It is up to the taxi fleet to despatch a taxi to you, and for the driver to accept the booking. Please feel free to suggest and provide feedback for mTAXI via our Feedback Form

For account support and FAQs, please visit

Disclaimer: The performance of GPS related features within this app is dependent on the quality of GPS reception of the phone and its immediate location. It is important for the phone to have clear view of sky and optimal GPS reception to produce accurate results.